It’s what connects us

"Eventually everything connects - people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se". Charles Eames
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Poland 25th to 31st May 2015
“Discovering vanishing craft – contemporary tribute” it is a title of the Comenius project in Zespol Szkol Number 1 in Laskarzew in Comenius programme. 
During the last week of May 2015 there was the final meeting when all the results of the project were presented. 
On the first day there  was the official welcome meeting at Zespol Szkol nr 1 in Laskarzew. 
Polish students and their teachers prepared wonderful performance and national dances from all partners’ countries. Students sang beautiful songs in English and all listened to five national anthems. 
The headteacher, Mrs Grazyna Salasinska  greeted all guests warmly. 
After that all  visited two local companies. 
During the second and third day there was a wonderful trip to Zakopane and Cracow from which participants brought the plenty of unforgettable impressions. 
The weather wasn’t as good as it could be at the end of May, but  the guests were  enchanted with the view of Polish mountains  and delighted with the magic of Cracow.
 On the  fourth day guests,  pupils and teachers visited  local bakery  and the enterprise of cosmetic packaging productions. In the afternoon  there was a formal  summing up meeting.
 It was a final celebration and there were special guests: mayoress of Laskarzew town, Mrs Maria Sobieska,  local local entrepreneurs, parents and people, who helped carrying out  the Comenius project.  
During the event the students from Zespol Szkol number 1 in Laskarzew performed unusual Cinderella fairy tale, and the plot was  based on the main content of the Comenius implemented. The author and director of this play is Mrs Nel Leszczyna. 
Then the final results were  presented. 
The most important one is  the website designed and updated by one of the students from Laskarzew, Piotr Salasinski.  Another element was a quick overview of all the crafts which were the subject of the project and which have found their place in all partner countries: embroidery, pottery, baskets and shoe production. 
Mrs. Grazyna Sałasińska gave partners an original folder – a sort of guide to the crafts presented by individual countries during the implementation of the Comenius project. It was also the moment when the leading meeting thanked the local authorities, businesses, friends, parents, students and staff for joint work, support and commitment to the project activities. The culmination of the joint efforts was delicious cake with the logo of the project. 
After the official part, the participants had a lot of fun during  the disco  party and  while enjoying regional cuisine. On the last day there was a trip to Warsaw, where everyone involved in the project, students, guests and teachers spent their last moments together enjoying the beautiful sunny weather in the capital of Poland. It was great adventure for all, students, parents, teachers and the whole local community.
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