It’s what connects us

"Eventually everything connects - people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se". Charles Eames

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Turkey 2nd to 9th November 2014

The working meeting in Turkish city Kahramanmaras lasted on weekdays. On the first day, 3rd November 2014 there was the official opening meeting. In the morning session, the whole school listened to 5 partner countries’ national anthems. Hüseyin SAYIN , the principle welcomed all and  Ümmü KARAOĞLAN presented the programme for the whole week. After that Turkish students performed a music show with cups. It was fantastic and unforgettable. After tasting Turkish coffee and Kahramanmaras dish the videos were provided by students from all partner countries. They were about handicrafts but there was also a surprise preared by Turkish students, the welcome presentation about  the project. It made us laughing. In theafternoon  session 5 partner countries went to the grandbazaar to have an experience of some handicrafts workshop. The masters gave inforation about leather  shoemaking and wood carving. On Tuesday there was one day trip to Kapadokya. It was provided by travel agency with a tour guide. In the morning the whole group visited Kaymakli  underground city and Pigeon Valley.  After lunch at Avanos UranosRestaurant, participants  went to a wine Cellar, Üçgüzeller Rocksand and at the end Cappadoccia Underground Ceramic Museum. It was amazing trip and there are many spectacular pictures taken by all of students and teachers. On Wednesday there was interactive workshop about silver-thread at the Vocational High School for girls. The teachers presented their work in their virtual museum at school. They pointed out that they carried out  a LLP project. The programme ended with ask and answer session. After that all visited the castle in Kahramanmaras. After lunch all the participants attended  a workshop about gold jewellery production  in small groups. Then they visited the jewellery shops. They were given information about the importance of  gold production in Kahramanmaras. It is the second largest city to produce gold in Turkey. On Thursday there was one day trip to Gaziantep. The morning session started with Zeugma Mosaic Museum and ended with Game and Toy museum. Then there was a short visit to the grandbazaar and the trip was ended with the Zoo visit. The last day was a hard-workind day. There was a workshop meeting for the next steps and action points when all details were discussed. After meeting all participants visited Abdulhamithan Mosque during praying time on midday. In theevening, there was Turkish night. All had fun with a  folk dancegroup, reed flute player with a whirling dervish and live music. At the weekend all guests left Turkey but unforgettable impressions and the plenty of  wonderful memories were taken with them to Italy, Spain, Hungary and Poland.
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